About Brad Pauquette – Columbus, Ohio

Brad Pauquette is a writer and entrepreneur living in Columbus, Ohio.

He is the director and founder of Columbus Creative Cooperative, an Ohio writers’ resource, and Columbus Press, an independent publisher.

He is currently rehabbing a home in an inner-city neighborhood of Columbus, where he lives with his wife, Melissa and their two sons.

Brad is a follower of Jesus. He writes realistic fiction, with an emphasis on accurately depicting the troubled world around us, but occasionally writes in the genres of science fiction, crime thriller, historical fiction and supernatural fiction.

You can find work by Brad Pauquette on his Amazon.com Author Page.

Brad does his best to answer all emails. You can reach him at bradpauquette@gmail.com, or by U.S. Mail at Brad Pauquette, P.O. Box 91028, Columbus, OH 43209.