Self-Publishing Seminar at the Westerville Public Library

Over the course of my career as a publishing consultant, I’ve had the pleasure of working with New York Times Bestselling Authors, Professional Athletes and authors of all levels.  There’s a ton of bad information about self-publishing on the internet, and it can be tough to sort out without a little help.

When the Westerville Public Library contacted me about giving a seminar on self-publishing, I jumped at the chance.  It’s a great way to help people understand a growing, and ever-more confusing, world.  Plus, I grew up in Westerville and spent a lot of time at the library as a kid, so it’s a nice opportunity to head up there and see what they’ve done with the place.

Tonight at 7pm I’ll be offering a free Self-Publishing Seminar at the Westerville Public Library.  I’ll cover the 5-steps to producing a professional book and answering questions.

This event is open to the public.  I hope you can make it!

Ohio Writers’ Guild Meeting – June 19, 2013

I’ll be a guest speaker at the Ohio Writers’ Guild meeting tomorrow, June 19, 2013 at 1:00p.m. at the Cultural Arts Center in Columbus, Ohio.  Learn more about the Ohio Writers’ Guild at

I’ll be discussing my new publishing company, Columbus Press, as well as the writing industry in general in Columbus, Ohio.

The meeting is free and open to the public.  All are welcome to attend.  I hope to see you there!

The Joy Project – Fancy Freedom Designs

My lovely and talented photographer wife has embarked on a new artistic challenge called The Joy Project.  Her ambition is to capture the lives of ordinary people who go above and beyond the call of being good humans and spend extra time bringing joy to people around them.

While the project’s emphasis will be on photographs and videos, I’m very pleased to partner with her to provide the text side of things.

Our first subject was Krysten Case, founder of Fancy Freedom Designs.  In addition to being a full-time second grade teacher and a great human being, Krysten spends countless hours crafting jewelry to benefit DOMA International, a group that targets domestic slavery.

Krysten has a great story, and I learned about things that I wouldn’t have thought possible to exist in modern day America.

Find Krysten’s story on The Joy Project here.

Keep an eye out for additional stories and videos as we learn about more ordinary folks who lead inspiring lives.

Words to Let Project

I’m honored to have been invited to participate in the Words to Let project.

The project has invited a list of text-based artists to tour an abandoned home in Columbus’s King-Lincoln district (soon to be rehabbed), and to create something inspired by the house.

We’ll see how the final project comes out, but it’s such a cool idea, and I’m delighted to be able to draw attention to the condition of this area of the city.  The house Melissa and I are rehabbing and live in is just in the next neighborhood over. It’s a great opportunity to be involved in a city-wide project that hits so close to home, and encompasses lots of things that I believe are important.

All of the artwork will be published, to be released as a single anthology this summer!  Stay tuned for details.

This project is facilitated by Rooms to Let Temporary Art Space.  Thank you to them, and to Jaclyn Little, the project curator.

Sejal and the Walk for Water Officially Released!

Sejal and the Walk for WaterI am super pleased to announce the release of my novelette Sejal and the Walk for Water as an e-book.

You can find it for Amazon Kindle (click here) for only 99 cents.  You can also purchase the PDF directly from me this book page.

Please take a look.  If you can, I would love for you to read this novelette, and, if you like it, share it with others or leave me a review on Amazon or GoodReads.

The global water crisis has always been an issue that is dear to me. In 2011, my wife, Melissa, and I started a zero-overhead non-profit organization called The Water Cycle Project to raise money to drill wells in India.  I rode my bike across Ohio in three days with a couple of other guys as part of that effort.

Sejal and the Walk for Water is the story of a young Indian woman, Sejal, and the trials she must overcome to fetch water for her family each day.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for supporting me as an author.