Published Work

Sejal: the Walk for Water

Sejal, a young Indian woman, lives in a remote village outside of Bangalore.  In a single day, her life will be changed forever.  Sejal: the Walk for Water is a fictional account of the impact of the water crisis in India, based on a true story.  Learn more on the publisher’s website, or find it on Amazon here.

Short Stories

“On Greenway” published in Best of Ohio Short Stories: Volume 1 (ISBN: 978-0-9890645-2-1). Publisher’s Website | Amazon

“A Whiskey Man” published in Columbus: Past, Present and Future (ISBN: 978-0-9835205-7-3). Publisher’s Website | Amazon

“Self Fulfillment” published in Across Town: Stories of Columbus (ISBN: 978-0-9835205-3-5). Publisher’s Website | Amazon

“Fricandeau Deja Vu” published in Overgrown: Tales of the Unexpected (ISBN: 978-0-9835205-1-1). Publisher’s Website | Amazon

“Appraisal” published in Origins: An Anthology (ISBN: 978-0-9835205-0-4). Publishers’ Website | Amazon


“Meteoric” published in The Ides of March (ISBN: ). Publisher’s Website | Amazon