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Jesus follower, publishing expert, dad.

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About Brad

I help writers effectively reach new audiences and change hearts and minds for Jesus.

It’s a potpourri skill set—a little bit writing, a little bit marketing, a little bit business development.

Since 2009, I’ve had the pleasure of working with authors of all sorts to achieve their goals and get results with their work. Publishing is extremely competitive, and it takes a special edge to get ahead. Many of my clients have won awards for their work, and some have even achieved a spot on the New York Times bestseller list.

In 2018, my wife and I launched the School of Kingdom Writers, a 2-year, vocational program that trains writers to reclaim our media culture for Jesus. Full-time classes will begin in Zanesville, Ohio in the fall of 2021.

Over the years I’ve published a few things, and founded a number of successful businesses and organizations.

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Sejal: The Walk for Water

One billion people on the planet Earth lack access to safe water. This is the story of one of them. Based on actual events.

The Self-Publishing Handbook

This compact handbook discloses the five key production steps traditional publishers know, and self-publishers try to skip.

Best of Ohio Short Stories: Volume II

A unique collection of literary and popular fiction, fifteen short stories by Ohio’s best short story writers.

Latest from the Blog

Brad frequently blogs about the publishing industry and his faith in Jesus.

Three Secret Super Powers of Failing Publicly

In order to accomplish anything, you have to be willing to fail. It's the one common trait among all successful people. For writers, that means putting yourself out there. Publish that blog, make that reel, tweet that joke...before you're confident it's ready. Doing...

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Feeling indecisive? Do you know your mission?

Are you ever paralyzed by small decisions? Like you’re going to get some lunch, but you just can’t seem to pick somewhere and make it happen? Try defining the mission. It may seem silly, but getting lunch is a big theoretical idea. With no parameters, it’s a wide open...

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It’s ok to just write.

I have a startling message for you. You can just write. You don’t have to want to publish or build a platform. You’re allowed to just enjoy the art form and express yourself. I own a meat smoker and I love it. During the warmer months, most weekends you’ll find me...

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