Sejal and the Walk for WaterI am super pleased to announce the release of my novelette Sejal and the Walk for Water as an e-book.

You can find it for Amazon Kindle (click here) for only 99 cents.  You can also purchase the PDF directly from me this book page.

Please take a look.  If you can, I would love for you to read this novelette, and, if you like it, share it with others or leave me a review on Amazon or GoodReads.

The global water crisis has always been an issue that is dear to me. In 2011, my wife, Melissa, and I started a zero-overhead non-profit organization called The Water Cycle Project to raise money to drill wells in India.  I rode my bike across Ohio in three days with a couple of other guys as part of that effort.

Sejal and the Walk for Water is the story of a young Indian woman, Sejal, and the trials she must overcome to fetch water for her family each day.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for supporting me as an author.

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