I’m honored to have been invited to participate in the Words to Let project.

The project has invited a list of text-based artists to tour an abandoned home in Columbus’s King-Lincoln district (soon to be rehabbed), and to create something inspired by the house.

We’ll see how the final project comes out, but it’s such a cool idea, and I’m delighted to be able to draw attention to the condition of this area of the city.  The house Melissa and I are rehabbing and live in is just in the next neighborhood over. It’s a great opportunity to be involved in a city-wide project that hits so close to home, and encompasses lots of things that I believe are important.

All of the artwork will be published, to be released as a single anthology this summer!  Stay tuned for details.

This project is facilitated by Rooms to Let Temporary Art Space.  Thank you to them, and to Jaclyn Little, the project curator.

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