My lovely and talented photographer wife has embarked on a new artistic challenge called The Joy Project.  Her ambition is to capture the lives of ordinary people who go above and beyond the call of being good humans and spend extra time bringing joy to people around them.

While the project’s emphasis will be on photographs and videos, I’m very pleased to partner with her to provide the text side of things.

Our first subject was Krysten Case, founder of Fancy Freedom Designs.  In addition to being a full-time second grade teacher and a great human being, Krysten spends countless hours crafting jewelry to benefit DOMA International, a group that targets domestic slavery.

Krysten has a great story, and I learned about things that I wouldn’t have thought possible to exist in modern day America.

Find Krysten’s story on The Joy Project here.

Keep an eye out for additional stories and videos as we learn about more ordinary folks who lead inspiring lives.

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