Writing a novel is a monumental task.

Your experience may be something like mine. You have an idea so you sit down to write. The first 10,000, maybe even 20,000 words flow onto the page over a couple of weeks, and then things come up. You finally get back to it a few weeks or a few months later (if ever) and you think, “What was I even thinking? This doesn’t work.” And the manuscript sits on your hard drive with all of the other half-finished work, taunting you.

Or maybe you know you want to write a book, but you don’t even have an idea, let alone know how to get started. You feel this pull to “write,” but what does that even mean?  Where does one even begin? A blank Microsoft Word document snickers at you while you try desperately to not call the whole thing quits and go look at Facebook already. 

You’re not alone. The fact is that it’s unreasonable for busy adults to sit down and simply write a novel. It’s just not realistic, for a lot of good reasons.

I know that my writing time comes at a cost. An evening I spend writing is an evening away from my kids, or putting off some urgent chore. I simply can’t afford to commit 100 hours to a project over 6 months to find out I’ve wasted my time.  The cost is too high.

But there is a solution. My “Year of the Novel” writing course gives you the essential tools, resources, and strategy to craft a great novel, and complete it. You can learn more about this course and register here.  I’m offering this class in Zanesville, Ohio, in Columbus, Ohio, or online through Zoom (which is super simple to use on nearly any internet-connected device).

Over the first four weeks I’ll provide you with a better understanding of the mechanics of a novel and guide you through a planning and outlining process. Armed with a story that you know works, you’ve cut the risk of wasting your time by half, and the follow-through will be so much easier.

Over the next ten months, I’ll meet with the class once a month to review progress, answer questions, troubleshoot, and set progress benchmarks for the next month.  If you can commit to 2-4 hours of dedicated time per week to writing, you’ll have no problem making progress and completing your manuscript in less than a year.

I’ve worked with authors one-on-one for ten years to produce award-winning and bestselling novels. This is your opportunity to get that same expertise and support in a classroom setting, at a fraction of the price.

You are a real writer. Together, we’re going to prove it. There won’t be any more false starts or wasted half-drafts. By this time next year, you’ll have a complete manuscript in your hands that you’ll be proud to have others read.

Sign up for this class here. Class space is limited.

No one's born knowing how to write and publish.

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