As we develop the School of Kingdom Writers, it’s so easy to ask the question “What does a school look like?” and to work towards that. But we carry no duty to be like any other school.

The real questions are, “Who are our students called to reach?” And “What do we need to do to authorize and equip them to fulfill their mission?”

Our target isn’t to be a school. Our target is to reclaim the American media and leverage it as a vessel for sharing the love of Jesus. Our method of achieving this objective is a school that trains creative writers.

The school is the method, not the goal.

When I was working with small businesses, I had great success in helping clients with very small budgets to pare down their infrastructure and marketing demands to the bare essentials. So often they’d be running around in circles poorly mimicking their multi-million dollar competitors, but once we could identify what their mission really was (who they really wanted to serve), we could build a streamlined, efficient model to do exactly that one thing really well and nothing else.

So that’s the question we’re always taking back to the Holy Spirit. What resources and infrastructure do we need to develop to fulfill only and exactly our mission?

It’s so easy to get caught up in ideas of what a school is and to make that the objective. But I believe the Holy Spirit is doing a new thing. It’s our job to be disciplined enough to always go back to the Source to ask, and bold enough to be as unconventional as it takes.

School of Kingdom Writers

So please join us not just in praying for the school, not just for the future students, but in prayer for the populations our students will reach over a lifetime of ministry. That’s where our love begins. Let’s take a step back and pray for America, pray for the media, pray for our friends and neighbors that we wish had different influences in their lives.

It’s easy to get caught up and carried away in the details. But we’re not aiming for launch day. The first “graduation” is not the culmination of our efforts. We’re aiming for a day when we stand in heaven among the multitudes and see a thriving population of heavenly citizens reaped through our prayers and our investment in this mission. This is God’s vision for us.

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