A year ago, we officially launched the School of Kingdom Writers. On September 1, 2018, I stepped away from my position at my company and embarked full-time on this mission.

At that time, the School of Kingdom Writers had $0 in the bank.  But we knew that God was calling us to do this, and that He had specified the timing. So we stepped out in faith.

Our board set a reasonable salary that we would receive for our work. Melissa and I made the first donation of a couple of thousand dollars. Since that time, Melissa and I have received a full paycheck every month.  By the grace of God at work through the hands of many believers, we’ve been provided for.

It’s not about the money, and we try not to put our focus there. But we do live in the real world, and I think it’s such a powerful testimony to God’s faithfulness and to the validity of this mission.

I’ve started a lot of businesses and organizations over the years. You typically start out with a nest egg, some reasonable amount of cash, and your bank balance goes down for a while until you can turn the corner.  It takes time to put the pieces and infrastructure in place to begin operating net positive.

But God is so good. And He makes things out of nothing.

I want to thank everyone who has responded to the call, taken a step of faith, and supported this ministry. I truly believe that this is God’s vision we’re putting into place, and the fruit of this ministry will be credited to your heavenly account.

I believe that cultures will change and millions will be impacted by the work that we’re doing. Situations and perspectives will realign with the Kingdom of Heaven, communities will be healed, and souls will be saved by Jesus’s message of truth, grace, and forgiveness of sins.

If you’d like to invest in what God is doing and support Melissa and me as we launch the School of Kingdom Writers, please do so here: www.SOKW.org/give  We still have a long way to go to reach our goals and fully launch this mission in 2021, and every little bit helps us get there.

It’s been a wonderful adventure to pursue this calling. I simply want to celebrate God’s faithfulness and provision for us. Thank you Jesus, all the credit belongs to you!

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