It’s been an honor to work with Thirzah.

For the past two years, she’s been at The Company (formerly the School of Kingdom Writers) perfecting her craft, building an audience for her work, learning about the publishing industry, and growing in her relationship with God.

Next week, she’ll graduate from our program.

But as of Tuesday, she’s now a published author.

The Librarian’s Ruse hit retailers on Tuesday, and skyrocketed to Amazon’s #1 new release in Young Adult Christian Fantasy.

The Librarian’s Ruse is a fantasy adventure with a touch of (very) clean romance. It’s a perfect book for teen readers who are looking for something fun to read.

Grab your copy on Amazon here.

Step one for Thirzah was to leverage the platform she’s built and have a great release. Check!

Step two is to collect a hundred reviews on Amazon. One hundred isn’t a magic number, but it is a good bench mark to begin opening up some new marketing pathways that are far more effective.

Thirzah and I have had a wild ride over the past two years. She’s been our guinnea pig as we’ve launched our full-time apprenticeship program. Thirzah has shown so much perseverance, determination, and wise discernment in her time here.

It’s sort of a cliché thing to say, but I think I’ve learned as much from her as she has from me.

It’s a different game now that we move into the third year of our apprenticeship, in which we’ll be welcoming at least four new apprentices. But it wouldn’t be what it is now without Thirzah.

Two years seems like such a long time, but at the same time, it’s just a blink of an eye.

Thirzah was a kid when she arrived (literally! She was only 17), and she’s just become a whole new person while she’s been here. It’s been wonderful to watch God move in her life.

Becoming a professional author is hard work. But I know that Thirzah now has the tools she needs to go to the next step. I know that she’s ready for this new season in her life.

Help me send her off right. Go buy a copy of her book. Leave an honest review. Share it with a teen reader in your life.

Have you read The Librarian’s Ruse? Leave a comment below, or drop a “congratulations” for Thirzah!

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