Before I started The Company, I worked in the secular publishing industry for ten years, mostly as a marketing consultant and developmental editor. No matter who my client was, I found that I almost always gave the same advice over and over.

There are a few things that everyone needs to know, and they’ll usually miss on their own. Regardless of how big or how small the client was, or how well-funded the project might be, everyone needed to have these fundamentals in place.

I captured all of that information in Arche Year.

Arche Year is all the basics you need to know to get started writing books professionally. It’s that same advice I gave to professional authors and publishers over and over again, all distilled down into an easy-to-follow, encouraging course.

Arche Year Cohorts are forming now, and will start the week of September 11. This is a 10-month guided, supported journey through the Arche Year material, ensuring that you not only learn it but also successfully implement it. The groups meet each week and are led by graduates of my programs that now have their own publishing experience.

In one year, you will write a complete novel draft AND you’ll launch a professional author’s marketing platform. How does that sound?

The course requires 10 hours per week. In four years, we have literally NEVER (not one time!) had a student follow the instruction and put in the ten hours per work and not complete both of those goals. I know it sounds outrageous, but it literally works every time.

Here’s the thing: I made all of the mistakes when I started in publishing. That’s how I learned it. Fortunately, I got paid to run experiments with authors and publishers, just to see what would happen. This is your chance to benefit from my experience, so that you don’t make those same mistakes over again.

Eventually, I learned enough lessons to successful develop and launch books like Threshing of Straw, Fellow Travellers, and Lies in Bone. Through The Company’s training programs, we’ve now released books like Every Bush Afire and The Librarian’s Ruse, which was the #1 YA Christian Fantasy new release for its first week on Amazon.

Could you figure this stuff out on your own? Maybe. With enough time and mistakes. But why not learn from someone who actually knows? Why not save yourself the trouble and see real results this year?

Imagine…what if you could be doing this for real ten months from now. That’s what Arche Year is offering.

Check it out on The Company’s website and enroll today. Get all of the details here.

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