Almost ten years ago, I published The Self-Publishing Handbook. For several years, I traveled all over, teaching this content at writers conferences, book festivals, and libraries. This book has been read by thousands of writers, and helped so many of them to publish next-level books.

I want you to have these tools for free. There are people who need to hear your story, and I want you to reach them so that you can change the world.

You see I have a theory–if you self-publish correctly, no one should ever know that you self-published. Your book should look and read as good (or better!) than the books coming out of the Big-5 publishing conglomerates in America.

When done well, self-publishing can be a life-changing opportunity for many authors. When done poorly, it’s a career killer.

When I started Columbus Press (my first imprint) many years ago, I saw that I could produce a top-tier book for just a couple of thousand dollars. If you know the right steps and who to hire, it’s not hard to do a really good job. Why couldn’t a self-publisher do the same?

I started working with self-publishers and I saw that this made all of the difference! Even my worst performing clients who followed my advice would sell 10x what a typical self-published book would sell. As it turns out, the quality of the book really matters! (Go figure.) In almost every case, authors who invested in their books recovered their investment and more.

Based on my experience working with publishers that were way out of my league at the time, I recognized five important steps that every book has to go through in order to reach its highest potential. The Self-Publishing Handbook puts those steps in your hand. It’s 100% doable.

You can do it. And you’ll be so glad that you followed these steps.

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Since I published this, lots of self-publishing companies have adopted a “5-steps” gimmick. But they’ve changed the steps! Not all five steps are created equally. Once you have this information from my book, the original 5-step publishing plan, you’ll be able to see right through all of those companies that are trying to cut corners.

The five steps in The Self-Publishing Handbook are rock solid. They have stood the test of time, and will continue to define how top-quality books are produced.

Admittedly, publishing is an evolving industry. There are a few things that are a little bit out of date in this handbook, particularly some of the budget numbers. It’s going to cost you a little bit more to hire editors and such now than it did in 2014. But you can also find really good cover designers for less than ever before. The steps you’ll read and follow are still rock solid though.

Since starting The Company, I no longer operate in the self-publishing space. I don’t have a horse in this race, so to speak. I just want you to be equipped to achieve your highest potential. I want to see you put your hard earned money to its best use and to see amazing results for your work.

Your story is important. There are people who need to hear it. Please enjoy this free resource to help you on your journey.

No one's born knowing how to write and publish.

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