Brad the Entrepreneur

I’ve started a lot of businesses and organizations over the years. I learned my hard lessons along the way and found my share of success stories.

My primary focus today is on The Company. I’m the full-time director there, and one of my greatest joys is working with my full-time writing apprentices.

Working with my apprentices, we launched The Pearl in 2022, a home for curiously good Kingdom literature. Check it out and subscribe there for weekly short stories, essays, and poetry.

In order to fully focus on The Company, a project I believe God has specifically called me to, I’ve sold or given away almost all of my other businesses. Most of them are still thriving under new ownership. These organizations include:

Ohio Writers’ Association – – Originally founded as Columbus Creative Cooperative in 2010, the Ohio Writers’ Association supports Ohio’s professional writers and emerging authors.

Columbus Publishing Lab – – Columbus Publishing Lab provides book production and publishing services (editing, design, distribution, printing, and marketing) for small presses and self-publishers.

Proving Press – – Proving Press is the self-publishing imprint of Columbus Publishing Lab.

Boyle & Dalton – – Boyle & Dalton is a hybrid publisher of exceptional fiction and non-fiction.

Prior to these businesses, I founded a successful web marketing company called Brad Pauquette Design.

I do still own and enjoy sometimes taking on new titles with Columbus Press/Bellwether, an independent publisher of fiction and non-fiction. At this time, I really only take on new titles when I find a project or a person that really excites me.

I hang out on social media, and I’d love to connect with you there. Find me on Twitter @BradPauquette. Or find me on Facebook here. I also have a lot of fun on Instagram, connect with me @bpauquette.

You can also find me on GoodReads, or my Amazon Author Page.