The Footprint Game

It’s time to make a splash! Let’s work together and get people talking about The Novel Matrix.

Earn points for helping to spread the word. Everybody with ten or more points wins.

The most points gets first pick from the prize pile. I’ll move down the list from most to least points to allow you to choose a prize. Everybody with at least ten points will receive something cool.

This is just for fun. Let’s not take it too seriously. No need to get the gaming commission involved, am I right?

Game ends on July 31, 2024. To report your points, just send Brad an email.

Print off a PDF with all of the tasks with this button:

Prize Pool

$100 Gift Card

To The Company’s Store or Brad Pauquette Store.


Three available. Choose from any shirt from The Company, Brad Pauquette, or Novel Matrix store (up to $25). You pick the size. A few samples:

Sample tshirts from Brad Pauquette and The Company


One of each title available. (All brand new.) Multiple copies of Lawless available

Brad Books

Pray Mug

Approximately 10 available.

Pray mug

Laptop Stickers

Choose between Novel Matrix, “I Make the World a Better Place,” or “The Company.” Approximately 10 available of each.

Laptop stickers
Footprint<br />

Tasks & Points

Download a PDF here.

Footprint Task List


This game is just for fun. Don’t take it too seriously. Try not to do anything too weird.

You must be in the continental United States to receive physical prizes.

Brad Pauquette is the ultimate arbiter, and may assign points however he chooses. He may discontinue the game, or ban anyone from the game at any time.

Brad Pauquette may change the rules of this game at any time, without notice.

This promotional game is operated by Pauquette ltd, an Ohio LLC. 


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